Novacis Digital provides government and commercial markets with Saas-based, Enterprise-level, Document Processing. AI software that focuses on transforming business outcomes.
Digital Document Process. Artificial Intelligence

DigiDocPro.Ai platform transforms digitized documents to extract Context, Content & Cognitive insights via customizable workflows.

DigiDocPro.Ai combines the power of iDP, iBMPS & AI Analytics on single end to end platform .

“At Novacis Digital, we’re about ‘Time-to-Value’ for our customers and business partners. With the DigiDocPro.AI platform design, we can commit up-front to fast implementation. This enables End-clients to achieve truly transformative results.”
-Cecil Samuel, CEO, Novacis Digital

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DigiDocPro.AI Adds Value to Your Operations
Harnessing the power of Analytics

DigiDocPro.AI Key Features
  • Collate case records from multiple data sources.
  • AI-driven automation with ‘Human-in-the-Loop’.
  • Sort, Classify, Tag, Link documents and pages.
  • Extract data and create case / transaction records’.
  • Create a unified case record of facts, events, records, actions and evidence.
  • Create final case sheets, documents and reports.
  • Case Management & Workflow Optimization.
DigiDocPro.AI Insights
  • Dynamic Data Insights
  • Dashboards & Interactive Charts for multi-dimensional analysis of case facts
  • AI-driven Case discovery insights
  • Interactive, Chronology Timeline views with Dynamic sorting
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Customized Action Tools & Alerts

Key Realized Business Outcomes
Harnessing the power of Analytics

DigiDocPro.AI Key Features
  • Up to 35% reduction in case processing times, leading to improved SLA’s for end clients
  • Improved turn around time (TAT) by up to 25%
  • Reduced operating costs by as much as 40%
  • Quick roll out of solutions in weeks NOT months and faster Time-to-Value
  • Real-time status updates, that maximize transparency of team productivity
  • Superior customer experience due to Intuitive Visualizations and Improved Quality of Information

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Harnessing the power of Analytics

DigiDocPro.AI Key Features


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